Real people with real, life changing experiences.

What I noticed right away as soon as I arrived was that it felt like a second home here, it felt warm and safe. That was the most important thing for me because the level of work here is very deeply personal.

Michaela Maselli

This was the most incredible week I have ever had. I am going to share this experience with everyone that I know who went through the traumas and PTSD that I went through because there is a better place. And it's within you.

Adam Bowers

Being able to go through this experience in sanctuary that provided safety, comfort, compassion, support - I could not have written a more perfect story of how my experience was here.

Maricar Ronas

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression. Being at Posada showed me the love that is present for me in my life. It was a very embodied and empowering experience that showed me my innate abilities.

Grace Parker-Guerrero

After this week I feel deeply grateful to come here and do this work with such trustworthy and inspiring guides. My life has exploded into an entirely new direction and I feel that I have discovered my true path.

Alex Olshonsky

As soon as I arrived I felt like everyone was family. I was able to open up to people in a way that I have never done before. My life has changed in a really significant way.

Lauren Wuscher

There is something about Posada that makes you go on deep transformational journeys. My mind and heart have opened up in ways that I never thought were possible.

Rasmus Ronholt

My time at posada has been nothing short of magical. This place creates a container for really deep self-transformation and healing. I will come back again and again.

Amy Miller

I feel so blessed to have come to Posada. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to dive deeper into their spiritual journey. Posada will take such good care of you.

Tracy Lewin

Everything is top notch at Posada - the food, the facilities -but what stands out most is the space that is created here for healing. It's transformed me in just 5 days, and will hold an extremely special place in my life.

James Williams

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