What kind of integration support do you offer?

We offer one on one integration support for every guest, which may include counseling, energy healing, and additional ceremonial work. Our medicine workers are highly skilled healers who draw upon the knowledge and wisdom of their lineages to support your integration process. Our work is also supported by a team of western psychiatrists who are researchers on the curative properties and psychological effects of the plant medicines we work with. Our integration support extends beyond just our wellness retreats. We will continue to support and guide you as needed, as we are committed to the success of your healing. We give strong priority to offering tools for you to carry your work home with you and ways to integrate healing and self-care into your daily life. 

 Our wellness programs are designed to immerse you in a variety of healing and spiritual practices that you can take home with you and use to cultivate practices that will maintain the healing work done during your retreat. Our loving community embraces you with open hearts to share your process and receive counsel and community support so that you know you are not alone. You will find that the friendships and connections you make at Posada Natura will be of great support to your integration. We encourage participants to regularly meet over Skype or phone calls to support one another’s integration. 

See here for more information on our integration work.