Who facilitates the ceremonies? What are their levels of experience?

We mainly work with Amazonian plant medicine plant medicine from the Amazon led by medicine carriers extensively trained in the indigenous Putumayo lineages of Colombia and the indigenous vegetalismo lineages of Peru. We also work with plant medicine from North America led by Native American lineage holders. 

Our plant medicine programs are led renown experts and leaders in their fields. They have deeply immersed and practiced in their tradition of Kamensta, Lakota, and Shipibo for 20+ years. Our medicine work is also supported by a team of psychiatrists whose research and lifework is dedicated to studying the healing effects of these ancient medicines and practices. Our programs at Posada Natura are designed to act as a bridge between the indigenous mind and the western mind so that deeper healing and self-realization can take place.

You can read more about the medicine people we work with on each retreat page.