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Traditional and integrative plant medicine work


Our Approach

Our team of plant medicine guides have extensive experience and training in facilitating ceremonies. We work with the wisdom of healing plants and nature to open our hearts, cleanse our bodies, minds, and spirits, and connect to the divine within. Through this process plant medicine ceremonies can be helpful to encounter blockages of all kinds and to understand the root cause of challenges in one's life. They also can be helpful for generating insight and clarity in one's life.

In order for plant medicine ceremonies to have lasting benefit, the experiences must be integrated with sincerity, dedication, and patience. We are strong advocates of respectful use of plant medicine in traditional ceremonial settings. We do not condone recreational or disrespectful use of any kind and we consider these ceremonies an expression of sincere religious practice.

Our programs emphasize integration as a key component to the success of the healing journey. Spiritual counseling and supportive practices such as yoga, meditation, massage, and nature immersion are integral aspects of our programs. Sometimes significant shifts in one's life may be brought on by ceremonies and one should be prepared to seek professional mental health support if necessary. We are connected to a large network of mental health professionals in the United States, specifically trained in plant medicine integration, if that is needed.

Program Details

Traditional Lineage

Traditional Lineage

Our work with plant medicine is done within traditional lineage practices. This is to ensure the ancient knowledge of correct preparation, conduct and facilitation for successful healing and safety.

Integration Focus

Integration Focus

Integration is an essential component of this work. The healing and revelations that people undergo in plant medicine work requires support. Our program includes supportive integration practices facilitated by trained professionals.

Continued Support

Continued Support

We are connected to a large network of facilitators, mental health professionals, and leaders in groundbreaking plant medicine work in the United States. We will continue to support you as needed after the program ends. .

Safe Container

Safe Container

Each group is capped at 20 participants, with exclusive use of the retreat center for the duration of the program. The communal experience at Posada Natura creates a sense of family and safety for each group. The land and space is a sanctuary in nature that supports the container of safety.

Nature Immersion

Nature Immersion

Our retreat center is nestled in lush rainforest, alongside a bounding river. At our backdoor is 2,000 acres of rainforest that we ourselves have protected for 30 years. The healing that takes place is deeply supported by the experience of connection to the pristine nature that surrounds us.

Nutritious Meals

Nutritious Meals

Full-spectrum healing includes the food we eat. We make great effort to serve organic, farm-to-table, plant-based cuisine. We focus on nutrition to nourish each cell of the body and mind. Our food is not only healthy, it is delicious, prepared by our incredible chef.

Highly Trained Facilitators

Highly Trained Facilitators

Our plant medicine programs are led renown experts and leaders in their fields. They have deeply immersed and practiced in their traditions for 20+ years. Our medicine work is also supported by a team of mental health professionals whose work is dedicated to studying the healing effects of plant medicine.

Carefully designed and supported by our partners


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Please contact us if you are interested, yet still unsure if plant medicine the right fit for you. We are happy to put you in touch with one of our facilitators that can talk with you more about it.

At Posada Natura, safety, well-being, and healing is of utmost importance to us, and our main goal is to ensure each person gets the most out of an experience with us. Our aim is to create a safe and supportive environment encompassing all aspects of the healing process. We only work with highly experienced healers who are grounded in traditional lineages. We are connected with lineages that have generations and decades of experience working with plant medicine, such that they are able to safely and effectively hold space for people during ceremony.

Apart from our on-site team of adept healers and facilitators, we are supported by a team of mental health professionals throughout the screening process, as well as during and after your journey with us. Our screening and preparation procedures include a thorough medical protocol and intake process that provides each person with a safe and fulfilling experience and mitigates the risk of contraindications with the plant medicine.

Our focus on integration is paramount to the work we do with plant medicine. Plant medicine ceremonies are a powerful catalyst for healing that may initiate a person into a much longer healing journey. Our team is equipped with tools and skills to assist you through each step of this process before, during and after the ceremonies.

We work facilitators who are extensively trained in traditional indigenous linages. Our programs are led by renown experts and leaders in the field of plant medicine work. They have deeply immersed and practiced in their traditions for 20+ years. Our work is supported by a team of mental health professionals, who have contributed to our method of facilitation. Our programs at Posada Natura are designed to act as a bridge between the indigenous mind and the western mind so that deeper, informed healing can take place.

You can learn more about the facilitators we work with on each retreat page.

No, the length and practices of our programs are designed by highly experienced facilitators to ensure your safety and success. The integration portion of plant medicine work is essential to the healing process. Our programs are specifically designed in this way to ensure the emotional and psychological safety and well being of each participant. For this reason we are firm in our request that guests participate in the entire program.

If special circumstances warrant that you attend just a portion of a retreat, you may discuss it with the facilitator.

We offer 1:1 integration support for every guest, which includes counseling, energy healing, and sometimes additional ceremonial work. Our medicine facilitators are highly skilled healers who draw upon the knowledge and wisdom of their lineages to support your integration process. Our work is also supported by a team of mental health professionals who are researchers on the curative properties and psychological effects of the plant medicines we work with.

Our integration support extends beyond just our wellness retreats. We will continue to support and guide you as needed when you go home. We are committed to the success of your healing. We equip you with tools to carry home with you so you can better integrate healing and self-care into your daily life.

Our community embraces you with open hearts to share your process and receive counsel and support. Our network of facilitators and counselors are available after your retreat for continued support online and in person at our United States locations.

In some cases, facilitators request that participants undergo dietary preparations 1-2 weeks prior to their retreat. When you register for a retreat, specific dietary guidelines for that retreat will be sent to you.

Circle of Sacred Nature (CSN) is a 501c3, multi-faith spiritual church based in Northern California. We work closely with CSN in the design and execution of our plant medicine programs. We are working together to maintain connections to a global network of healers, researchers, and medical professionals to support our mission of providing safe, integral healing to humanity. Our plant medicine director, Celina De Leon, is also the founder of CSN.

Benefits of Plant Medicine

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"The work Posada does has transformed my life, and helped me find my true path."

-Alex Olshonsky

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