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The Healer Is Healed

We are absolutely blessed to live in a community through which a fluid stream of people come in search of healing. Each interaction is a reflection of ourself, our steadfast perseverance to be our best self, to be kind to others, to find inner strength through outer grace and gentleness and in this we are reminded of the perfection of our imperfect human race. It is a gift to be reminded of the perfection in the pure intention to be good.

In our practice of ancient healing arts we discover clarity regarding our spiritual path, purpose and how to let go of ideas and mental behaviors that are the source of our suffering. Although our individual paths toward realization and patterns of the individual universe differ, what has remained constant, as evidenced in ancient texts, arts, and religion, is the realization that we are our own healer.

The Healer is our higher self, and our pathway to reach the Divine. The intention of our spiritual practices and healing arts is to discover our the ways our higher Self arises through the allowance of feeling while simultaneously detaching from the discriminating tendencies of the mind that create reasons and stories about what we feel. In doing so we allow the ineffable energy of the Divine to flow through us freely because it is beyond concept, beyond name, beyond form, beyond mind.

Just as the Divine has been called by many names -God, Inifinity, Elohim, Wakantanka – the realization of you being your own healer has been said in different ways; the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, the Light of God is within you, you are the Oneness of the universe, you are Buddha mind, you are the pure, white lotus in muddy water, you are the Universe expressing itself. The realization that these states of mind are our natural state of being is significant because it means that we are inntately already healed, whole, perfect beings. We are already held, beloved, children capable of going out and spreading our light to the world.

We must know we are Divine. We must know we are Loved. We must be brave.

We are healing our humanity. When we learn to shift our sense of identity to the Divine essence inside ourselves – our soul, the Self. We are practicing this shift away from mind-body identification into identification with Spirit, the Atma, Soul, God particle – whatever your mind wants to label it as. It has no name. It is formless, nameless, ineffable – it is you, it is me, it is all of us. In shifting to identification with our Divine essence, it does not mean we ignore our human nature. We still take great care to resolve our conflicts with one another, be sensitive to each other, express loving kindness, resolve our traumas, understand our minds. However, we are doing so from a detached state in which we deeply know none of these aspects of our humanity define who we truly are – we are not our traumas, our beliefs, our conflicts, our preferences, our aversions.

We are practicing to remember that we are already healed. We are practicing to awaken the healer within. We are all healers, because we are all already healed. We are discovering how to heal our humanity – these beautiful vehicles, these pristine temples that manifested for our Spirits to experience the world. We are all just learning to be who we truly are, to love one another, and to walk home together.


Joy to you,


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