Our Team Of Contributors

The Posada Natura team is the heartbeat of the healing and recuperative energy of our Sacred Spaces. We kindly honor them and all the hard work they do every day.





The founder, architect, and visionary of Posada Natura. Born in Argentina, Gustavo cultivated the land and building the dream of Posada Natura for over 20 years until he passed away in 2018. His heart was deeply committed to environmental preservation and longevity practices. He devoted most of his life to studying the spiritual traditions of South American shamanism as well as Taoist QiGong and Tibetan Buddhism. A true guardian of the Earth, Gustavo protected over 2,000 acres of rainforest in Costa Rica that was scheduled to be clear cut for cattle farming. That land is now home to Posada Natura, Eco Era and countless of species of plants and animals. ​ Gustavo's vision carries on into the heart of Posada Natura - the vision of an awakened humanity living in harmony and love with one another, our great earth community, and the Divine. His soul dwells in the home of eternal peace and Divine Love, the same energy he put forth to create our sacred healing center, Posada Natura.