Source Resonance: Sound Healing for the heart & soul Feb. 2020


January 27 – February 2, 2020

SOURCE RESONANCE is a next-level training and journey through the healing power of sound and the sacred power of music, converging ancient wisdom and ground-breaking science in a universal paradigm of vibrational medicine. It is this convergence of science & spirituality that illuminates universal aspects of our humanity and reality, opening up new possibilities of existence and evolution.

In this training intensive, we shall be initiated into this new paradigm of an energetic, vibrational and multi-dimensional reality and learn why sound healing is one of the most significant emergent medical fields. Our journey will reconnect and root us to the ancients and their ‘sonic mysticism’ and sacred musical arts in a diversity of global cultural expressions. We shall learn basic and advanced skills of sacred sounding with the voice to foster an individual healing practice, as well as learn how to conduct Sound baths and Sound Journeys for groups and therapeutic environments. We will delve into the exciting potentials of one-on-one Sound Therapy with Tuning Fork modalities that merge Chinese Medicine & Yogic technique to heal the body on a fundamental, energetic level. We will also explore mantra work and the Yoga of Sound from the ancient Vedic culture of India. And we shall embark on the recovery of the sacredness of music as a force to uplift, transform and connect the world and foster community.

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Daily Activities

Temazcal Ceremony for purification (traditional Meso-American sweatlodge)

Nature immersion time for deep harmonic healing

Morning yoga, qigong and meditation practices

Shaking Medicine/Ecstatic Movement sessions to unlock creative freedom

An Opening Sacred Fire Song & Release Ceremony to clear ourselves for the retreat

An intimate Shamanic Music Concert with Darren



River front rainforest cabina lodging
3 organic meals per day
Cleaning and use of amenities.

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Private queen bedroom with private balcony


Private single bedroom


Premium double shared bedroom


Standard double shared in cabinas common area


Non-refundable deposit.