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Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice whose goal is to unify the mind, body and spirit and thus uplift your consciousness. Yoga involves movement of the body and breathe to create the ideal inner environment to go deeper into meditative states.
Yoga is much more than just a way to exercise the body. The deeper practice and meaning of yoga is the path it opens into the eternal world of Spirit. It is a moving meditation that re-directs our minds toward calm, teaching us how to enfold into awareness of the present moment. In this expanded state of consciousness, we experience freedom, and can more easily surrender to our true spiritual nature.
Our moving yoga practice is about moving energy blockages in the physical body, cleansing our energy centers, and connecting deeply to our breathe, the pranic force that animates all life. It is a powerful practice for mind-body integration.
We practice yoga to attain liberation from emotional, physical and mental suffering so that our inner worlds and bodily temples may be a clear and open space for the Divine to dwell. We call this the experience of Union, which is the meaning of the word Yoga itself. We aim to unify our individual consciousness with the broader Universal Consciousness, or Spirit.
We practice varying forms of yoga which include hatha yoga (movement exercises and postures), karma yoga (being of service to others), mantra yoga (chanting sacred sounds), bhakti yoga (devotion to Divine), and gyana yoga (quest for wisdom). We believe that the cumulative practices of these varying types of yoga will lead us to a conscious union with the eternally blissful Great Spirit.


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