Fire & Water:



FEBRUARY 6-11, 2020

You are invited to join Nicole Laureen from Embodied Expressions guiding an intimate

group of Women through the elements of fire and water, within and without.


This retreat is for Women who are feeling FULL.

Full of stress, fear, anger and grief. Feeling stuck and tired of having to stifle and close down, just

skim off the surface of their bubbling emotions, suppress that scream, that pain. Women who are in

need of a safe container to let themselves relax into vulnerability and shift into stability. Women who

are ready to release, transform and transition into a deep sense of self, body awareness, safety,

strength and resilience. To find their voice, healing, and power through expression, connection and

grace. We will be dancing through the elements of Fire and water as we expand and contract into

knowing ourselves more intimately and feeling empowered to express our fullness.

What we will explore over the 5 days;

  • Nervous System 101
  • Building the capacity to feel and be with our own discomforts
  • Guided Meditations and body awareness scans
  • Inner Child relationship building
  • Shadow work/trauma mapping
  • Boundary exercises
  • Intimacy and trust building exercises
  • Trauma and Stress Release Stretches/ bodywork
  • Shaking Medicine
  • Animal embodiment exercises
  • Breath Work
  • Humming/Toning
  • Sound Immersion (crystal bowls, shamanic drum, chimes gong, rattles, voice)
  • Traditional Temazcal Fire Ceremony (Sweat Lodge)
  • Water Ceremony/Blessing
  • Ecstatic Tribal Dance
  • Time with the Ocean and River



Nicole is a Trauma Informed Guide, Embodiment Coach and Sound Healer.

Standing strong in her ability to be vulnerable and hold heart connection, Nicole invites and

provides a safe, deep and intimate container for the beauty and the pain.

She has been on her own personal healing journey for over a decade, explored, studied and

worked with many modalities, traditions and teachers and has achieved a high level of

awareness, insight, connection, wisdom and strength. A born healer, teacher and wise woman,

she has assisted many on their journey. Intuitive and psychically gifted she is a vessel for divine

guidance, emotional freedom and embodied sovereignty. A passionate student of life and teacher

of emotional and physical expression, life mysteries and wellness.


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