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Temazcal Sweat Lodge

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Temazcal is a Native American sweat lodge ritual and spiritual practice in which traditional healing methods are used to encourage reflection and introspection. While the body rids itself of toxins through sweating, the spirit is renewed through ritual.

This sweat lodge ritual takes place in a circular, dome-shaped structure that represents the womb, and the entire process is meant to metaphorically and spiritually represent the process of re-birth.

Participants are actively involved in each part of the ceremony which involved creating a sacred fire over which river rocks are heated, a mandala and altar are created, and communal prayers are made. The ceremony continues inside the lodge where the red hot rocks are placed and participants experience deep release and catharsis.

Afterward everyone is encouraged to bathe in the cool waters of the river to wash away the toxins of the old life that was just released through this process.

Our facilitators are trained in traditional Mexican indigenous traditions for facilitation. They have facilitated hundreds of ceremonies and are fully equipped to care for participants during their experience inside the lodge.


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