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Tai Chi

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art that is considered a powerful form of moving meditation. The essential principles of this practice include mind integrated with the body, control of movements and breathing, generating internal energy mindfulness, and cultivating serenity.

The practice involves sequenced movements to the flow of yin and yang energy. Each movement is made to gather either yin or yang energy from the surrounding atmosphere and attune ourselves to these subtle energies. Doing so cultivates Qi, or life energy, within us and moves it smoothly and powerfully throughout our bodies.

The potent outcome of practicing as so cultivates the total harmony of the inner and outer world, a healthy integration of mind and body, and an empowered sense of ones own center. As we become balanced in this way, disease and negative emotional states release their hold on us, and space is created for love, lightness and joy within.