Source Resonance:

Sound Healing For the Heart & Soul



This training and healing retreat focuses on the sacred power of sound and music, converging ancient vibrational wisdom and modern quantum science. In this training intensive, you will be initiated into a new vibrational reality and learn why sound healing is one of the most significant emerging medical fields. This retreat will reconnect you to the wisdom of ancient sonic mysticism and sacred musical arts. You will learn basic and advanced skills of sacred voice sounding, how to conduct Sound baths and Sound Journeys for groups, individual and self healing. Experience one-on-one Sound Therapy with Tuning Fork modalities that combine Chinese Medicine & Yogic technique to heal the body on a fundamental, energetic level. Explore mantra work and the Yoga of Sound from the ancient Vedic culture of India. Embark on the recovery of sacred music as a force to uplift, transform and connect the world.



Darren Austin Hall is a musician, masterful sound healer, and spiritual educator. He tours internationally, sharing his healing music with the crystal singing bowls and his array of spirituality and wellness workshops, courses and retreats. Darren’s concerts and Sound Journeys take people on deep and transformative experiences. He is the creator and facilitator of the 75HR Source Resonance Training in Sound Healing, Sacred Music & Vibrational Philosophy. He facilitates a men’s group devoted to empowering a healthy embodiment of the masculine. His extensive training with indigenous elders and wisdom keepers led to his practice and study of his own European indigenous heritage. He is a devotee of the wisdom of nature, tales of the Goddess and is committed to spreading ancient wisdom to help guide humanity toward a new age of peace and harmony with the Earth.


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