Explore the ancient amazonian indigenous tradition of plant medicine ceremony in an ideal rainforest retreat setting with the support of experienced facilitators and a truly holistic program that honors the sacredness of these experiences. Supportive practices such as intention setting, yoga, meditation, nature immersion, mindful nutrition, and individual and group counseling contribute to creating a supportive container and engaging with plant medicine ceremonies in a respectful way. Emphasis on preparation and integration are interwoven into the program as we understand the importance of honoring the full arc of healing involved in these types of experiences. 


  • 10 days, 9 nights at our healing rainforest sanctuary
  • Beautiful riverfront accommodations
  • Farm-to-table, gourmet, plant-based cooking
  • Three plant medicine ceremonies
  • Beach, rainforest & waterfall excursions
  • Daily yoga, movement & meditation
  • Guidance before, during, and after the retreat to support participants to integrate their experiences and reap lasting benefits into their everyday life. 
  • Direct support of rainforest conservation efforts

Posada Natura is a center infused with prayer where the chorus of the rainforest and the river sing melodies of healing, regeneration, and sacred harmony. Participation in our plant medicine program also directly supports Posada Natura’s rainforest conservation efforts through our sister non-profit Eco Era. We understand that plant medicine ceremonial work is both about individual and planetary healing. We are wholeheartedly committed to this interrelationship and planting this seed of awareness with all who join Posada plant medicine programs.


Our team of medicine facilitators have 20+ years of traditional training with indigenous nations in South & North America. We work strictly within traditional lineages that support the wisdom of healing plants and nature to open the heart and heal traumas stored in the body.


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