Explore the ancient amazonian indigenous traditions of plant medicine ceremony and intentional integration. This healing program creates a space for participants to go deep into self-observation and establish a safe platform for the continued study of self-awareness, healing and transformation.

Integration is a key element of this program provided through individual and group counseling, connection with nature, diet, meditation and movement practices. Each day will involve a practice of meditation and movement to connect with your body, release stagnant energy, and ground you as you partake in consciousness expansion from plant medicine ceremonial work.

This program merges modern psychology and ancient spiritual practice as a formula to awaken your heart and discover healing tools that you can apply to your everyday life.


  • 10 days, 9 nights at our healing rainforest sanctuary
  • Beautiful riverfront accommodations
  • Farm-to-table, gourmet, superfood, plant-based cooking
  • Three Sacred Plant Medicine ceremonies
  • Individual energy healings
  • Beach, rainforest & waterfall excursions
  • Complete coaching to help you integrate ceremonies
  • Daily yoga, movement & meditation
  • Optional breathwork, bodywork and massage


Our team of medicine facilitators have 20+ years of traditional training with indigenous nations in South & North America. We work strictly within traditional lineages that support the wisdom of healing plants and nature to open the heart and heal traumas stored in the body.


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