Heart Healing Awakening


Nov 2 – 8, 2020

Explore the ancient amazonian indigenous traditions of plant medicine ceremony, dietas, vaporadas and remedy preparations. These healing arts create a space for participants to go deep into self observation and establish a safe platform for the continued study of self awareness.


Each day will involve a practice of movement to connect with your body and release stagnant energy, and emotions through physical activity. The practice of movement will ground you as you partake in consciousness expansion from plant medicine ceremonial work. Facilitating this retreat are medicine workers, Juani and Magda, who create a safely contained environment in which both the feminine and the masculine poles are represented, honored and illuminated.


The combination of solid ancient tradition, nature immersion, physical movement and integration based on the merge of psychology and spirituality is a formula to awaken your heart center and discover healing tools that you can apply to your everyday life when you go back home.


  • 6-days, 5-nights at our healing rainforest sanctuary
  • Beautiful riverfront accommodations
  • Farm-to-table, gourmet, superfood, plant-based cooking
  • Three Sacred Plant Medicine ceremonies
  • Individual energy healings
  • Beach, rainforest & waterfall excursions
  • Complete coaching to help you integrate ceremonies
  • Daily yoga, movement & meditation
  • Optional breathwork, bodywork and massage

Your Facilitators

Juani has spent the past 19 years connecting with Plant Medicine and traveling through North and South America, studying with healers, teachers, and elders from various indigenous and Mestizo traditions. His work with plant medicine is infused with years of Taoist and Eastern religious practices and his work teaching Chi Gong. In the embracing and sharing of both his wisdom as well as his challenges, Juani is able to create spaces for others to heal, grow and transform.

As a native to Costa Rica, Magda inherited a deep knowledge and sensitivity of plants from both her mother and grandmother. She grew up growing and cultivating native plants, both medicinal and ornamental, and preparing natural remedies for illness. Her yogic studies led her into the world of inner healing, where she connected with women working to awaken feminine consciousness through sweat lodge and red moon circles. For the past 6 years, she has been in apprenticeship with don Fermin, a healer & medicine man from the Peruvian Amazon.

Juani and Magda believe that the work of personal growth must include self-awareness, ecological and communal consciousness, self-responsibility, self-care and their mission is to aid in the understanding and implementation of these concepts into everyday life. They work with precision, discernment, and deep love to honor the wisdom and power of plant medicines and to bring that wisdom and power out of the ceremony space and directly into the realization of healthy bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships.

Juani and Magda grow medicinal plants, prepare natural remedies, performing different healing techniques such as “vaporadas” or herbal steams. They harvest, cook and prepare the medicine they serve in ceremonies, and they also contribute and participate in the replanting and preservation of medicinal plants in the amazon jungle.

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