Embody Your Sacred Heart


March 21-27 2020

Join us in the jungles of beautiful Costa Rica at a retreat center that feels like home. Situated on more acres than the eye can see Posada is a haven of refuge to rest and restore, and to do the deep inner work of cultivating an embodied and heart centered experience here on Earth. To actually be “in” our bodies is a lot of work. It requires effort and awareness, a sifting through and sitting with all that we have accumulated in this life. We sit with what is, and with a courageous and grounded heart open to all the possibilities and potentials of transformation that can occur when we take time to do this deeply moving and transformational work, together.


  • 7 days/6 nights at a beautiful Ecological Reserve, Posada Natura, in Costa Rica
  • 2 over night traditional Plant Medicine Ceremonies for sacred healing
  • 1 traditional temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony
  • Gentle yoga asana and movement classes and integration circles/activities
  • Meditation and pranayama
  • Waterfall and forest gentle hike/exploration
  • All local organic healthy meals included
  • Accommodation included
  • All ceremonies and activities included



Shilah Sarkissian and Kennan Lee-Peters, founders of Arcanalife.

We’re not here to sell you a quick fix; we offer the processes and teachings that have changed our lives, and helped us integrate our big “aha” moments into practical daily living. We stand beside you as supportive advocates while you navigate your inner work through various life stages. It has been our experience that personal growth takes time. As much as we wish change happened over night, it doesn’t. Life is filled with moments of deep revelation that can lead to transformation – and it’s the practice of folding these revelations into our daily life, the integration, that takes time.


Juani and Magda, plant medicine facilitators.

20+ years of experience working with the indigenous peoples of Peru. They work with precision, discernment, and deep love to honor the wisdom and power of plant medicines and to bring that wisdom and power out of the ceremony space and directly into the realization of healthy bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships.

Juani and Magda grow medicinal plants, prepare natural remedies, performing different healing techniques such as “vaporadas” or herbal steams. They harvest, cook and prepare the medicine they serve in ceremonies, and they also contribute and participate in the replanting and preservation of medicinal plants in the amazon jungle.


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