Weekend Intensive Workshop


March 29-31, 2020

In this 3 day traditional Peruvian plant medicine ceremony retreat, you will be guided deeply into your healing intentions. This program is designed to open a portal directly to your ancestral memories where you will encounter the source of the blockages you are facing. Each person will receive individual healings during the ceremonies and integrative counseling afterward.
The energy healing treatments are a form of ‘astral surgery’ that relieve pain and trauma on the physical, emotional and psychological level. Our healers are accustomed to treating severe conditions and issues that are the result of trans generational traumas, inherited from our ancestors. Icaros (traditional Peruvian chants) and music will allow you to journey with joy and security into the many realms of your inner temples. You will receive many insights during this retreat, and each understanding will lead you into deeper healing.

Your Facilitators

Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman is a traditional medicine practitioner initiated since 2000 in the Shipibo/Conibo tradition of sacred plants of the Peruvian Amazon. In 2008, she developed the technology SIBA and has been working with both SIBA and the traditional medicine since then.

Pancho Crazy Deer has been following the native traditional teachings of the Shipibo since 2010, as well as SIBA’s teachings with Lydia. Before that, he spent years as a Buddhist monk in Tibet and as a music teacher.

Lydia and Pancho both dedicate their lives to healing, guiding and teaching the sacred ways of Pachamama, Mother Earth, the path of sacred ecology. They travel all over the planet to share their medicines with all those who wish to free themselves from their limitations.


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