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  /    /  New Year Vision Quest: Empower & Create Resolution Dec. 2019




DECEMBER 29, 2019 – JANUARY 2, 2020

Renew your vision for the new decade. Wake up in 2020 feeling restored and ready for the improvements you want to see in your life. Using a combination of shamanic ceremonies and yoga therapy, shed the layers that you’ve been holding onto for too long. Ceremonies are held by highly experienced healers from the Shipibo tradition. Daily yoga therapy and guided meditations specifically designed to help ease the shedding process of the mind and body throughout the stages of the retreat. Additional integration services provided to help guests weave the lessons they’ve learned through ceremony into their lives when they return home. Organic meals, play day in the ocean, nature connection ceremonies, temazcal, 2 plant ceremonies and individual integration counseling included. Using medicine as our guide, we’ll unravel the mystery inside and open up to what’s possible for the new decade.



Jennifer Kearney is an RY-200, spiritual and integration mentor, and founder of AwakenToZen. She serves as mentor and integration coach for sacred plant medicine ceremonies. Using her soothing presence, deep strength and vast knowledge of integration she holds space for the group. Whether it’s your first time with plant medicine or you’re a novice and ready to go further with your integration, Jenn will meet you where you are and help guide you.


Ashley Barba is an MSW, LSW and RYT-500. Her mission is to empower clients so they can experience a calm mind and a vibrant body. For 8 years she has taught yoga, meditation, pilates, specialized yoga therapy classes. She also gives healing sessions for adults, children, individuals with special needs, and celebrities throughout the Chicago area. Using her knowledge of psychotherapy and advanced training in yoga therapy, Ashley will guide you through your healing processes with grace and ease. Her classes include a combination of breath work, mantra, asana, somatic exercises, restorative, guided meditation, visualizations, and yoga nidra.


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Optional daily yoga, guided meditation, yoga nidra, and integration counseling.

Day 1: Arrival + Welcoming

Day 2: Trip to Manuel Antonio State Park + Temazcal Ceremony

Day 3: Nature Ceremony 1 + Plant Ceremony 1

Day 4: Nature Ceremony 2 + Plant Ceremony 2

Day 5: Integration Day + Closing Ceremony

Day 6: Depart



Shared: $2,100

Private queen: $2,350