MARCH 10-17, 2020

An 8 day immersive communion with Source, Ancestors, Elementals and Earth, via the vehicles of traditional Native American Indigenous Ceremonies and intensives in a magical, restorative rainforest setting. Leading this retreat is Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa, Phillip Scott, who draws from his rich wisdom of Lakota, Cheyenne and other Native American lineages. Placing the Being Back in Human has been created to avail participants in profound, enduring healing in order to remembering who they truly are and the gifts they bring to the world for the benefit of All of Our Relations. Traditional purification (sweat) lodge ceremonies, plant medicine ceremonies, and prayer to the elements ceremonies will be practiced during this retreat.

Detailed descriptions of ceremonies and workshops are listed below.


  • 8-days, 7-nights at our healing rainforest sanctuary
  • Beautiful riverfront accommodations
  • Farm-to-table, gourmet, superfood, cooking
  • Sacred Plant Medicine ceremony
  • Daily traditional Native American healing & communion ceremonies
  • Individual energy healings
  • Complete coaching to help you integrate ceremonies
  • Optional massage and bodywork



Of mixed Ancestry and thrice struck by Lightning, Phillip Scott has walked the Native Path for over thirty years, learning from and sanctioned by traditional Medicine/Holy people, tribal Spiritual leaders, Wisdom keepers and Elders from several Indigenous cultures. Annually Sundancing in the Lakota tradition and a member of the Native American Church for over two decades, he is a Ceremonial leader and Traditional healer, entrusted to share Indigenous wisdom and Medicine practices with the contemporary world. Interviewed both nationally and internationally, his life, experience and writings have been featured in journals and books.  In addition to directing and teaching the programs at Ancestral Voice – Institute for Indigenous Lifeways in Northern California, which he founded in 1994, he maintains a private healing practice, performs Ceremonies. conducts intensives, gives lectures and leads pilgrimages worldwide. He is skilled in survival and primitive technologies, has received a Masters degree from Naropa University and is also a licensed EMT.


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