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Meditation & Tai Chi

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Meditation & Tai Chi

Meditation is training in awareness and mindfulness. The practice of being still in the midst of mental activity allows us to study ourselves and gain insight into the depths of who we truly are. The goal is not to turn off the mind, thoughts or feelings, but to observe them without judgment. Meditation encourages us to study ourselves intensively,  so that we may know our minds, what our patterns are, where they come from, and how we can rewire to create new, positive, healthy patterns. Meditation teaches us to be present, rest in what is, fully engaged in the here and now. This practice gives us the learning tools to transform our minds from negative to positive, chaotic to peaceful, unhappy to happy.


Tai Chi is a martial art and powerful form of moving meditation. The essential principles of this practice include mind body integration, controlled movements and breathing, mindfulness, and cultivation of serenity. The practice involves sequenced, slow movements that align the energy within and without. This cultivates Qi, or life energy. The potent outcome of practicing Tai Chi is the total harmony of the inner and outer worlds, a healthy, attuned mind and body, and an empowered sense of our center. As we become balanced, disease and negative emotional states release their hold on us, creating space for love, lightness and joy within. 

The founding father of Posada Natura, Gustavo, was an advanced Tai Chi practitioner who wove the tradition and practice of Tai Chi into the foundation of our retreat center. We occasionally offer Tai Chi Retreats with qualified master practitioners. Most of our wellness programs include daily meditation. At Posada Natura, we honor our communal areas as sacred spaces for meditation and introspection.