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Meditation is a training in awareness and mindfulness as a way of understanding how our minds and psyches operate. The practice of being still in the midst of mental activity allows us to study ourselves deeply to gain insight into depths of who we truly are. The goal is not to turn off the mind, thoughts or feelings, but to observe them without judgment, to study them intensively so that we may know ourselves, what our patterns are, where they come from, and how we can rewire our minds to create new, positive, healthy patterns.

Meditation teaches us mindfulness, the ability to be present, rest in what is, fully engaged in the here and now. This practice gives us the learning tools to transform our minds from negative to positive, chaotic to peaceful, unhappy to happy. As we deepen in this practice, we learn how to merge our seated mindfulness into the movement of our daily lives. Eventually the meditation will lead us to illumination through the pure, true power of observing the self and the conditioned world around us. We practice to develop into our fully realized selves.