JULY 5-11, 2020

Join us for this opportunity to nurture and connect deeply with yourself, your family and nature in healing Costa Rica. Enjoy the luxury of balanced days of adventure and relaxation in this all inclusive retreat.


Each family will receive an astrology reading to best understand how to understand each other and live harmoniously together. Together, we will discover community and family bonding and connection in daily yoga practice, beach, rainforest and waterfall excursions, and group workshops. There will be on-site child care support for parents to enjoy free-time and relaxation as well. 

Each family will stay in one of our on-site cabinas.


Julie Rader is an old school yogini with two decades of teaching yoga and meditation under her belt. Her teachers include Swami Janakananda, Swami Satyanada, Shiva Rea, Sianna Sherman, and Shakti Mhi. Her mother taught her the power of meditation when she was a teenager, which is the foundation all of her teachings. Julie also has fond memories of being less than ten 10 years-old and watching her grandmother read the newspaper horoscopes.  She has dedicated her life to studying and understanding the power of the mind through meditation. The study of astrology has been an influence in her teachings from day one.

She founded Mukti Yoga School in 2004 and has certified hundreds of yoga teachers in Southern California and all around the world. Julie has been featured in publications such as Los Angeles Confidential and Origins, Lululemon advertising campaigns, and has taught at Wanderlust festival. She currently writes the monthly astrology forecast for

With a Masters Degree in exercise physiology and a Bachelor in Psychology, Julie helps students blend the spiritual aspects of the practice with solid anatomical principles. Her intuitive, creative and specific sequencing focuses on matching asana and intention with lunar cycles, seasons, and astrology. Julie’s favorite role in life is being a mother to her two yogis, Samson and Olina.


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