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Earth Reconnection

Earth Reconnection

At Posada Natura, we are devoted to Mother Earth. We are devoted to her healing, and to our healthy connection to the web of life that sustains us. We work with our sister organizations, Circle of Sacred Nature and Eco Era to educate people on the importance of maintaining a healthy and sustainable relationship to the natural world. Our work with Circle of Sacred Nature provides spiritual insight into the invisible energy of life we are all made of, and our work with Eco Era provides a physical re-connection back to Mother Earth through educational tours through the rainforest.


Our nature excursions are designed to be more than just factually educational; they penetrate past an intellectual understanding of the natural world into your soul’s connection to the Great Spirit that animates all life. We practice indigenous ritual, song, meditation, and prayer to connect us to this life force energy. We believe that in re-establishing the human connection to Mother Earth, we are more inspired to make choices that are aligned with the sustainability, health and harmony of the planet.


We believe that a great majority of human health lies in a healthy relationship to Mother Earth, and vice versa. Supporting conservation efforts and education, supports our very own wellness.