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Plant Medicine & Indigenous Ceremony

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Plant Medicine & Indigenous Ceremony

We practice authentic, traditional indigenous ceremonies including plant medicine, medicine wheels, sweat lodge, and shamanic cleansing. Our team of medicine people are those who have deeply immersed and trained in the authentic traditions of Kamensta, Lakota and Shipibo for 20+ years. 

The focus of our indigenous ceremonial work is on plant medicine. We believe that the ultimate purpose in working with plant medicine is to open our hearts to the love within us, allowing the release and healing of traumas stored in our bodies. When we unite with these master plants in ceremony, we are offered entry to a variety of worlds that allow us to access our Divine nature and see our human selves from a higher point of view. Through this experience we observe our mental and emotional patterns, behaviors and traumas, which in turn allows us to heal our bodies, minds and souls.

We are firm advocates and guardians of the sacred and respectful use of plant medicine in strict ceremonial settings. We do not condone recreational or disrespectful use of any kind. The spirit of these plants are holy sages that have guided human healing since ancient times. Our team of medicine people, have a breadth of knowledge in their practice to ensure the emotional, physical and spiritual safety of each individual in ceremony. Our medicine work is also supported by a team of psychiatrists whose research and lifework is dedicated to studying the healing effects of these ancient medicines and traditions.

Your journey of self discovery will continue beyond the plant medicine ceremony. You may need assistance in integration and processing. We offer psychiatric and therapeutic assistance for this. We firmly believe that the merge between indigenous and western worlds are necessary for the evolution of healing humanity. While the spirits of the plants and indigenous traditions open the doorway for you to discover what you need to heal, western psychological practice offers you a way to understand how to move forward in your healing.


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