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Plant Medicine Ceremony

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Plant Medicine Ceremony

Our indigenous ancestors were strongly connected to the Earth Spirits who helped them connect to their Inner Divine Essence as well as to the Universal Great Spirit.
We practice authentic, traditional indigenous plant medicine ceremonies with the sacred plants our ancestors discovered as especially helpful in guiding us to our inner Light and Divine realization.

When we unite with these master plants in ceremony we are offered entry to the spirit world where the spirits of these plants dwell. When we enter this world, we are able to access our Divine nature, and see our human selves from a higher point of view through which we can observe our mental and emotional patterns, behaviors and traumas. We also are also able to access information from the universe to inform us of our true life purpose and mission as incarnated beings on this planet.
The sacred spirits of these plants guide us to our own self discovery of the healer within us.

The ultimate purpose in working with plant medicines is to open our hearts to the depth of emotion and love within us, to release ourselves from the traumas we have experienced and stored in our physical and astral bodies, and to discovery the pathway to healing best suited to each person.

We trust firmly in the medicine of these sacred plants to open the doorways within us to discover our deepest selves. We hold firmly to the sacred use of plant medicine in strict ceremonial settings, and do not condone or advocate recreational use of any kind. The medicine of plants is to be revered as a holy sage guiding us into our inner depths for the sole purpose of healing ourselves so that we may awaken to the highest states of love and Divine union with Source.

We work with medicine facilitators trained in the art of holding space to protect each individual in our ceremonies as they go through their own process of self discovery and healing. We adhere strictly to the ancient traditions for the purpose of spiritual safety in the journey into the spirit world. Our medicine facilitators are strong guardians of the light realms, and have been trained to keep all spiritual doors closed during our ceremonies that do not open to the world of pure, Divine Spirit.


Your journey of self discovery will continue beyond the plant medicine ceremony. Sometimes you may need assistance in learning how to re-order, re-arrange, and re-organize your inner world and discoveries of yourself. We offer psychiatric and therapeutic assistance for this type of integration.

We firmly believe that the merge between indigenous and western worlds are necessary for the evolution of healing humanity. While the spirits of the plants and indigenous traditions open the doorway for you to discover what you need to heal, the western psychological practice offers you a way to understand how to move forward in your healing.


We offer longer term integration programs for up to 3 month stays for individuals who want to go much deeper into their inner worlds. These programs combine plant medicine work, psychiatric aid, yoga, meditation, sound therapy, energy healing, nature therapy, nutrition and body work for your highest release and reprogramming of your cellular and astral body.


We are always available to you even once you have left our physical care. Your healing is our mission.


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