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Astrology & Divination

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Astrology & Divination

Astrology is a healing tool which, when implemented, can help us live in harmony with our environment and others. An understanding of astrology gives us the power to utilize the elements of nature, lunar cycles, retrogrades and seasonal changes to live our highest potential. Intentional living in alignment with the planets, luminaries and nature opens our heart and intuition to the greatest gift of all, love in its highest form.

Divination is a multi-faceted, ancient practice of using sacred tools to help us see beyond our perceived reality. It is one of the clearest ways that we can receive messages from Spirit. Posada Natura has highly trusted practitioners of Divination who work within the psychic worlds to help answer your deepest questions and further your self-discovery on the spiritual path. This service is offered at most retreats, and is often a helpful tool in deepening one’s emotional and spiritual journey while at Posada.