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Let’s Remember Who We Are

Let’s remember how to play. Let’s not take the rules so seriously. Let’s remember that Earth is a game. Let’s remember to extend a hand when we see someone fall instead of rushing past to the finish line. It’s not about the finish line, it’s about the way we felt getting there. Did you help that person get there too? Did you feel good about who you were? Did you feel concerned only for yourself? So, what if you get there first? You’ll be alone waiting for everyone else to come. Better we walk together, better we cross together.


Let’s remember the world we crave to be a part of. Remember how good it feels to be loved and appreciated and seen. It starts with each person loving, and appreciating and seeing one another. Let’s remember to forget. Let’s stop trying to get something, we are already full. Let’s see how much we can let go. How many ideas can we drop? How much space can we create for the mystery to reveal itself?


Let’s remember that we really do not know anything for certain. Not even our own existence. That’s not crazy – that’s magic. The vast, open, explosive, chaos of the universe writhing in our bones, churning our blood through our hearts, spinning the spirit through our spines exploding into the invisible cosmic ocean our tiny brains cannot comprehend.


Try this: notice every time you pick up an idea.  Then simply put it back down. Leave it and walk away.  Not forever. Just for now. Just for a time until your eyes sharpen and you can discern the fools from the gold.


Let’s remember the truth cannot be told. It cannot be written. The word will only ever point us in the direction of our hearts. The truth lives there where things can be only felt. Let’s remember to feel! Let’s remember to feel everything that makes us human. Every joy and every sorrow – let love each one as the gifts they are that bring us closer to meeting ourselves fully.


I say all this because I hope it helps you. I say it because I love you and I want the best for you. I say it because I want us all to be a family again, and hold each other in our hearts as our hearts, not as our minds. I don’t want to think of anyone as their mind, but as the goodness of spirit that animates each and every person. The soul is good. The heart is good. It is just the mind that hates, and takes, and breaks apart all life.


I say this because every heart break that I embraced made me love more wildly and fully than before. Every sorrow I met introduced me to a wider sphere of joy and laughter. Every feeling I have let myself feel with complete abandon, has knocked a stone from the wall around my heart that makes me judge or blame another. Let’s remember to be kids again. Without walls, or boundaries. Let’s trust we are safe in this world to be who we are. As we embrace the fragility of our humanity, the power of our divinity grows stronger.


Nobody whose been anywhere can tell you exactly how you will get there. We can only point each other on our way. You have to be the one to take yourself.


Joy to you,


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