Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Study Yourself

Living and practicing in spiritual community offers you an opportunity to examine your inner world.

Open Your Heart

Our committed practice of compassion, non-violent communication, and search for truth will help soften and open your heart.

Discover Your Peace

Our primordial rainforest and pristine river setting will harmonize you to the peaceful vibration of Mother Earth.

Program Overview

Our internship program is an opportunity for you to experience personal growth through the various spiritual practices offered at our spiritual wellness center. Our intention is to provide a platform for your spiritual growth and holistic healing at an affordable cost.

This program is designed to offer you experiential learning through communal living, access to spiritual workshops, classes and traditional indigenous ceremonies, as well as, support, mentorship and family. You will encounter a valuable opportunity for accelerating and amplifying your spiritual growth and awakening process.

We ask our interns to commit to a minimum of 1 month. On average our interns stay 1-3 months. If you wish to stay longer than 3 months, this can be discussed during your stay.  Work may include meal prep, domestic assistance, gardening, farming, construction, admin help, and more.

  • 1-3 Month Program
  • . What's Included
    • Small, simple lodging

    • Communal bathrooms

    • Fresh, organic, farm-to-table, plant-based food

    • Opportunities to attend our plant medicine ceremonies

    • Opportunities to attend healing workshops, yoga and breathwork classes

    • The experience of living at Posada –  a tight knit community in the rainforest focused on healing and spiritual growth

    • Swimming pool, private river beach, waterfalls and hiking trails, pristine beaches, and more

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There’s just something about Posada that relaxes your defenses and lets you go on deep, deep transformational journeys.

My time at Posada has changed my life in many spectacular ways. There’s just something about Posada that relaxes your defenses and lets you go on deep, deep transformational journeys. I’ve had my own share of those and my mind and heart have been opened up in ways I never imagined possible. But perhaps more importantly, I’ve had the privilege of observing these beautiful journeys happen for anyone and everyone that have put their faith and trust in the space, the medicine, and the people warding both. I am filled with gratitude for the time that I got to spend at Posada Natura.

Rasmus Rønholt
Software Developer

I discovered my life purpose during my internship.

I arrived at Posada expecting to stay for a month long internship. I ended up living there for 4 years. During this time I discovered what it means to be a caretaker for the earth, my soul, and my heart. I dived deeply into my heart guided by the spiritual practices and healers that surround Posada like a blanket of light. I learned how to grow my own food, how to build from materials in my environment, and I learned just how strong a human being really is. I left with the tools to create the beautiful life I am living now as a green builder.

Alvaro Salem
Natural Builder, Green Architect

Powerful spiritual experiences and a beautiful community.

Stunning location, rejuvenating atmosphere, powerful spiritual experiences and a beautiful community that fostering true relationships with deep love, harmony and integrity. Thank you, Posada, for these special gifts of showing me the truest way of human existence leading with the heart.

Charlotte Cramer
Student, Bates College