2-4 week periods for integrating plant medicine experiences, and other serious life transitions, providing healing experiences, holistic tools and spiritual practices that can be implemented into daily life.



Participants include people in search of integration for plant medicine experiences, people recently out of rehab, trauma recovery, chemotherapy recovery, and a host of other life transitions.


Digital nomads / work from anywhere folks are invited to join as well.


This 1 month intensive is a balance of structured classes in movement, meditation, nutrition, nature therapy, inward reflection periods, and 1:1 counseling to support the integration of fragmented aspects of the psyche into a cohesive, wholesome way of being. 


Integration is the practice of bringing our experiences into harmony with one another. Sometimes our ideas, our experiences, our feelings and attitudes may be at odds with one another. We may not know how to reckon with the many facets of our psyche. Unprocessed experiences can affect the nervous system, create unhealthy behavioral and thinking patterns, and an unbalanced emotional body. 

When we integrate, we learn how to process the unprocessed into harmony with all aspects of who we are. Our program not only offers healing experiences, we teach you tools for integration that you can use for the rest of your life.

Our program offers:

  • 1:1 counseling with professional therapist weekly

  • Healing bodywork weekly

  • Daily meditation and movement

  • Nutrition and cooking classes weekly

  • Daily group counseling and check-in

  • Daily nature therapy

  • Immersive experiences in the rainforest 

  • 1 traditional sweat lodge 

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Nature Therapy

Connecting our bodies to the earth is a powerful form of healing. Our program emphasizes connection and immersive experiences in the pristine nature of our conservation lands. Part of this immersive experience includes giving back to the land through active participation in land stewardship and ceremony. You will work with the elements of the rainforest to ground, heal and establish peace. 

1:1 Counseling Support

Counselors with ample experience in trauma, psychedelic integration, and therapy are available for 1:1 support 1-2x per week. Group circles led by a counselor for community support are also a foundational aspect of this program.

Daily Movement

Qi Gong, yoga and similar movement practices are offered to release tension and trauma stored in the body, calm the nervous system, and get our body's vital energy moving through our bloodstream. Movement release endorphins, and takes us out of intense thinking spaces into an embodied and grounded state. 

Daily Meditation

Meditation is guided daily by experienced practitioners in Buddhist lineage. This element of integration is crucial to the process of unifying the aspects of our psyche into a harmonious state. True meditation is a tool to accept ourselves as we are, and live in a state of genuine compassion for self and others. 

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Nutrition & Herbal Classes

Proper nutrition and incorporation of herbal medicine into our daily lives is crucial to the mental emotional healing process. The gut-biome contains millions of nerves that connect to the emotional centers in our brains. Feeding our bodies with healing foods helps to establish balance physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Healing Therapies

Healing therapies such as Shirodhara, massage, breath work, and sound healing are effective to calm the nervous system. When the nervous system is calm we are better able to process and integrate intense emotions, feelings and experiences.

Ocean Therapy

Swimming in the warm Pacific Ocean. Sunbathing on the soft sands of a tropical beach. Drinking the pure water of young coconuts from the trees. A simple therapy that rejuvenates the mind and body. 


The water that flows through our lands is some of the cleanest water in the world. It comes from springs deep within the earth, purified and charged through rich minerals of our primary rainforest conservation lands. Our ancient water is potent for healing and restoring the body and mind to clarity, harmony and optimal health.


$10,000 - $12,000 for 1 month

$6,500 - 8,500 for 2 weeks

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