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Who We Are

Posada Natura is a wellness retreat center located on the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica. We design and support programs in service to transformational healing, personal development, and spiritual awakening. In 1991, we began conserving the rainforest wildlife and have since realized the health of our earth is dependent upon healing ourselves.


Our unique programs held within our rainforest sanctuary are designed by highly experienced healers, spiritual practitioners and mental health professionals to create a nurturing container of safety and non-judgement. Our spiritual and healing practices will bring awareness to your emotional blockages, traumas and needs and bring you in closer connection to your heart and to Spirit.


Our work takes an integrative medicine approach and is grounded in authentic lineages of South American indigenous traditions, Eastern spiritual traditions and modern psychology. The combination of our experienced team of healers and facilitators and restorative rainforest setting will rejuvenate you into a state of emotional well-being and self-empowered joy. You will feel nurtured and safe in our rainforest sanctuary during your healing and transformational journey. Our work emphasizes the integrity of authentic integration as a way to sustain the retreat healing experience after you have left. We are here to prepare you before you arrive and to support your process after you’ve gone. At Posada Natura you will experience the true depths of healing and transformation.


While visiting Posada Natura you will awaken to the rejuvenating, healing energy of an ancient rainforest, pristine rivers, and warm ocean sunshine. We are seated above one of the cleanest rivers left on earth, Rio Naranjo, and are surrounded by over 1,000 acres of rainforest that Posada Natura has protected and reforested for 30 years. During your visit you will feel the healing of the rainforest, pristine water, and the Spirit animating this land. We strive to create harmony with Mother Earth through sustainable, eco- practices and to restore a world of balance and peace for ourselves and future generations.


Our mission is to heal humanity.


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